All the children have been hard at work this week, but these are the children who have really shone...

Golden Award - Declan for shining his light for Jesus. Declan is a kind, thoughtful and gentle member of the class, who always thinks of others. Declan would never point out the things he does for others, but I want him to know that his acts of kindness never go unnoticed.

Writing Award - Olivia for a detailed piece of independent writing about how the disciples felt when the saw Jesus. Olivia thought carefully about her adjectives to describe how the disciples felt.

Maths Awards - Molly for a positive attitude towards all aspects of Maths.  Molly's changed mindset to Maths has helped her to see that she can succeed in this subject. This is wonderful to see. 

This week we have been learning.....

English - we have been focusing on conjunctions, adjectives and similes through our class story 'Chatterbox Ben'. In reading we are continuing to focus on comprehension and in spelling we have been looking at the g sound as in gem and how it can be spelt g, j, ge, dge - the wonders of the English language!

Maths - we have been focusing on place value and even looking at three digit numbers. We are being looking at digits and the value of each digit and how it depends on the place it is in - 100's, 10's and 1's. the children have also completed their third Maths quiz and the children have all been pleased to see the improvements in their scores.

RE - Eastertide and how we can all shine our light for Jesus. We have been thinking about how we are the disciples of Christ and how we can spread the Word. We also listen to the message that Jesus gave the disciples when He said he would be returning to His Father.

Science - we started our new topic all about Habitats, we started this week by thinking about things that are alive now, were once alive and things that were never alive. We finished off our Healthy Eating topic in the Life Bus - which the children loved - by learning about medicines and how they can help to make us better if used properly.

History - we have started our new topic about Grace Darling and have learnt about what she did and why we remember this special lady. We will link this topic with the local RNLI station and the important work that this organisation do.

Life Bus - the children had a whale of a time in the life bus yesterday and loved seeing Harold the Giraffe again! They behaved very well and I was really proud of them.

Work at home - reading please. Mrs Bowdell and I were rather disappointed by the low number of children who had read last weekend. Please make sure your child reads to an adult this weekend and that you sign the reading record - this is the only record we have. Maths - please work through the areas that your child found tricky in this week's quiz. Handwriting - please work on neat writing that sits properly on the line. Thank-you.

Have a good weekend...Mrs Hollinghurst and Mrs Bowdell


AuthorEmily Hollinghurst