Welcome back! Hope you all had a lovely Easter break. The children have been working hard but these are the children who have really shone....

Golden Award - Isabelle for making good progress in reading, developing sight knowledge of words and blending sounds to work out unfamiliar words. Keep up the hard work!

Writing Award - Adam for a great piece of writing about the signs and symbols of the Mass. Adam's writing sounded a great understanding.

Special mention this week goes to Lila for being an all-round super star!

This week we have been learning...

English - we have focused on reading comprehension since our return, looking at how to find answers in the text and using the clues of the question to know where to look in the text.

Maths - we have focused on money, adding two 2 digit amounts and then using the counting on method to work out change.

RE - we have started our new topic Eastertide learning about how the disciples felt as Jesus appeared to them after they watched Him die on the Cross. We have been sharing the good news that Jesus is Alive.

I hope you have all had the chance to read our wonderful RE inspection report - we are all delighted with it!

This week the children completed their first Maths 'quiz' to help them prepare for the work they will do next month. We will do one of these papers each week. I did limit the amount of time to 20 minutes to see what the children could do in that time. Each paper is marked out of 25 and the children marked their papers with my help. I hope you found the little information sheets helpful in seeing how we go about our Maths work so that you can support your child with the things they find a bit tricky - that is why I have sent the paper home. Any questions - please ask.

Can I please remind all parents that nail varnish is not permitted in school and earrings must be kept to small gold/silver studs, nothing else. Thank-you.

The children completed a reading assessment before the holidays and the majority of children have been given a different ZPD number. In order for children to complete their quiz and change their book they MUST have had their reading record signed by an adult at home. I would appreciate your support with this. Thank-you.

Work to do at home......reading. At this stage in the year the children should be reading everyday. Maths - helping your child with the types of questions they got wrong in their Maths quiz.

Hopefully, weather permitting, we will get our potatoes planted next wee. I think you will agree that our garden area looks amazing - many thanks to Sam's granddad; the tulips are beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend.....Mrs Hollinghurst and Mrs Bowdell



AuthorEmily Hollinghurst