All the children have worked hard this week, but these are the children who have really shone...

Maths - Brodie for great counting in the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. Brodie has been a super star with this work!

Golden Award - Grace for showing a positive attitude in all she does. Grace truly shines her light for Jesus.

Writing Award - Declan - for a beautiful piece of writing all about the offertory. Declan showed a great deal of understanding about this very important element of the Mass.

Our week...

English - we have continued our work on Traditional Stories - this week writing our own. The children have lots of things to remember to include in their own writing and they are doing very well. Once these are finished we will then start the drafting process.

Maths - we have continued to focus on times tables - this week look at problems involving these facts. It is one things knowing how to count in 5's, quite another applying the knowledge to a division word problem! Please work on these facts - the children really need to know them off by heart.

Science - we have looked at the importance of keeping ourselves clean this week. We  talked about all the things the children can do, now they are getting older, and have focused on hand washing.

RE - we have continued our work on the Mass, this week looking at the offertory and what we offer to God during the Mass. The children have thought about the invisible gifts that they can give to God - and they were beautiful. We have also looked at the bread and the wine that we bring to the table and how, when these are consecrated they are the body and blood of Christ. We also had an important visitor in our lesson yesterday who was impressed with the children's knowledge.

World Book Day - thank-you for all the work on the children's costumes, they look fab and we have had a lovely day sharing our favourite stories.

Parents' Meeting - TUESDAY 20TH MARCH 2.40PM IN CLASS. Please make it if you can. I will be talking through what will be expected of the children and you can look at some past papers too!

Homework -  reading and times table practice.

Have a lovely weekend....Mrs Hollinghurst and Mrs Bowdell

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst