All of the children have been working hard this week, but these are the ones who have really shone....

Golden Award - Ivy for trying to following in Jesus's footsteps during this time of Lent. Ivy is trying hard to make the right decisions and thinking about her actions. Well done Ivy.

Writing Award - Hallie for thinking about the reasons for a characters actions. Hallie has been using the clues of the story to think about why the Beast behaves the way he does.

Maths Award - Elliot for fab knowledge of multiplication and division and using them in fractions work.

This week we have been learning....

English - we have continued with our work on Beauty and the Beast and have been thinking about why characters behave the way they do. We have studied the use of adjectives and adverbs used by the author and are trying to use a high level of description in our own writing. We have started to plan out own traditional story and will start writing those next week.

Maths - we have bee focusing on multiplication and division and applying the facts we know to solving words problems. We have examined the language of multiplication and division and looked at how we can use drawing to support our work if we need to work out the answer. All the children need to known the 2, 3, 5and 10 times tables by heart.

RE - we have continued with our work on the Mass. This week we have concentrated on saying sorry and what we learn when we listen to the Gospel. We have discussed the need to say sorry in our lives for the things that we do wrong and the need to say sorry to God. The children know that they are loved by God and they will always be forgiven when they say sorry for the things they have done wrong. We are working hard to fulfil our Lent challenges so that we are ready to meet Jesus at Easter.

Science - we have studies the Eat Well plate and looked at the types of foods are should eat lots of and the foods that we should only eat occasionally. The children have been thinking about the healthy choices that are arrival to them and the importance of exercise in their daily lives.

Geography - we have continued with our work on Australia, this week looking at the Great Barrier Reef - a beautiful and fascinating part of the world. We have started to write some fact sheets about what we have learnt.

Reading Challenge.....thank-you for all our support with the daily reading challenge. Many of Year 2 were able to read every night at home which was just wonderful. The challenge is now over - but please try to keep it up! Reading every night to an adult has a powerful effect on a child's learning - it really is the key to everything. Year 2 managed to clock up over 4,500 minutes....with two young ladies contributing to over 1,000 of those minutes between them! Well done Isabella and Nevaeh......more news on that to come!

Homework - reading and learning times tables please.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow. Mrs Hollinghurst and Mrs Bowdell

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst