We have had another busy week in Year 2. I hope you have managed to take a look at our super circuits pictures. The children have all worked very hard this week, but due to Candlemas yesterday, we did not have an assembly, so no certificates were given out to the children. However...in Year 2 we did give out two Golden Awards this week to....

....Mr Graham and Mr Groves for all their hard work during their time with us. These two gentlemen have been working with Year 2 since November and they have worked very hard during their time in Year 2.  I know all the children are going to miss them - as am I!

This week we have been learning....

English - how to turn a play script into a story, using direct speech and speech marks. The children have been continuing to add exclamation marks and questions marks into their writing, along with using correct punctuation for direct speech. In spelling this week we have looked at how to add the suffix y and that if the root word contains a short vowel, then we need to double the last consonant.

Maths - 3D shapes and time! We have learnt to name 3D shapes and describe their properties. We have used venn diagrams to classify the shapes according to their properties. We have also looked at time this week, focusing on o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. This has proved tricky for many of the children - please work on this at home.

Science - investigating materials which conduct electricity, testing through the making of simple circuits.

RE - The Presentation of the Lord has been our main focus and how we can shine our light for Jesus.

History - the children made lamps containing the facts that they have learnt about Florence Nightingale - I hoped you enjoyed sharing these when they brought them home yesterday!

Things to work on at home....

*Reading - please sign your child's reading record to record when you have read at home and to show they have finished their book. Thank-you

*Spellings - Common Exception words - I have tested the children on half these words this week, will do the rest next week. They will then bring home a chart to show the words they can spell correctly and those you should continue to work on at home.

*Maths - telling the time - practice makes perfect!

Please note that re-surfacing work starts on the KS1 playground on Monday.....yippee!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend...Mrs Hollinghurst & Mrs Bowdell

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst