Welcome back....I hope that you all enjoyed the half term break. We have been hard at work this week and these are the children who has particularly stood out....

Golden Award - Lila for having a positive attitude to all learning. Lila displays good behaviour for learning - she is always ready, willing and eager to learn!

Writing Award - Nathaniel for super effort with cursive handwriting. This is a big focus for us this half term and Nathaniel has shown that he is up for the challenge.

No Maths Award this week as we were not in school on Monday.

This week we have been learning...

English - Persuasive Writing - we have been thinking about how we can persuade people with our expert debating skills - I apologise if the children have been trying to get more pocket money out of you this weekend! This was our focused discussion! Spelling - we have been looking at adding the suffix y to a word ending with e and the fact that we must remove the e.

Maths - doubling and halving. The children should know the facts of doubling and halving a number up to 30, so please practice this at home.

RE - The Mass. We have been learning all about the stages of the Mass and what these all mean to us as Catholics. We are also remembering the Last Supper and how we remember this gathering each time we go to Mass. We have also been writing our 'footsteps to Jesus' as we think about all the extra things we are going to do to get ourselves ready to meet Jesus at Easter. The children are working very hard to prepare themselves during this Lent period.

Geography - Australia - we started our new Geography topic by examining photos of different parts of the court to see what we could learn about the country and then used our atlases to find where it is in the world.

World Book Day will be celebrated in school on Thursday 1st March - please see Miss Haggerty's post for details of the day.

Mid Term Reports - sent home yesterday to inform you of where your children is currently working. Please remember working at age-related expectations is the expected level by the end of the year - we still have a long way to go. This is particularly important to remember in writing as we have not covered a lot of the curriculum at this point in the year.

Please look out for details of SATs parent meeting in the next couple of weeks when I will discuss the expectations on your child in greater detail.

Homework  - Reading - please sign your child's reading record - we expected the children to read at least three times a week to an adult at home. Maths - doubling and halving numbers up to 30 - see how many of these facts your child know off by heart. Handwriting - so important that your child's letters are formed correctly, are neat and are off an appropriate size compared to each other.

Have a lovely weekend....Mrs Hollinghurst and Mrs Bowdell

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst