The children have all been working hard this week, but these are the children who have really stood out this week....

Golden Award - Kayden for super Science work on circuits! Kayden has showed great interest in this topic and worked very hard to explain everything that he discovered.

Writing Award - Grace for thoughtful and reflection RE work on the role of the disciples. Grace really thought about how she could show that she is a disciple of Christ.

Maths Award - Mia for applying her knowledge of number bonds to help find the difference between two numbers, counting on to the next ten and then counting in ones.

This week we have been....

English - continuing our work on play scripts and writing our own dialogue to write new scene to the play. We have been looking at the adjectives we can use to describe the characters, the adverbs we can use to explain how a character is saying their lines and how we can use exclamation marks in our sentences. In spelling we have been looking at words that contain the soft c sound, such as notice, ice, concentrate.

Maths - we have been looking at applying our knowledge of number bonds to help us find the difference between two numbers. We have done this through counting on, using number lines to count on to the next ten and then in ones to the final number. many of the children have found this a challenge. Please practise at home, but counting on to the next ten ie what is the next ten after 45 or 18 or 81 or 28. Encourage your child to use their number bonds to know that 2 must be added to 28 to get to 30, because 2 + 8 is 10.

Science - we have crated our own simple circuits using two wires, a bulb and a battery. The children loved this and were so excited when their bulb lit! We also talked about conductors of electricity.

History - we have continued with our work on Florence Nightingale, this week looking at how Florence improved hospitals and what they were like before and after her work.

ICT - the children have continued their work on internet safety - please keep up this vital work at home. This week we have looked at what to do if someone tries to talk to you online. All the children knew that they should tell an adult straight away - I am very proud of them!

RE - this week we have been examining how we are now disciples of Christ and that we must spread the word of God through all that we do.

Things to work on at home.....

Keep up the is the key to all success!

Maths - number bonds and counting on to the next ten

Spelling - words containing the soft c - ice, notice, price, excellent, concentrate. Also this coming week I will be re-testing the spelling on the Common Exception words for Year 2. Keep practising!

Thank-you for your continued support

Mrs Hollinghurst and Mrs Bowdell

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst