Year 2 have all been hard at work since we returned after the Christmas holidays, but these children have particularly stood out....

Maths Award - Samuel for his super work on partitioning two digit numbers

Golden Award - Isabella for her amazing Science poster about staying safe around electricity and for her super demonstration of balances in gymnastics. Isabella has a fab attitude to learning!

Writing Award - Isabelle for her good talk for writing. We have discussed a lot this week the importance of our story voice and Isabelle has really been working on this.

This week we have been learning....

English - we are working on the features of play scripts and writing dialogue between characters. We have been working a lot this week on 'talk for writing'. If we cannot speak a sentences or a conversation, then we cannot write it down. We have also been looking at exclamation marks and exclamation and command sentences.

Maths -  we have been working on applying our number bond knowledge to rounding up to the next ten number and working out what we have added to get there. Children must be confident with their number bonds to 10 - please work on this with your child at home. It is the basic of all our mental maths work.

Science - we have started our new topic all about Electricity. This week we have talked about the dangers of electricity and how to keep ourselves safe around power.

History - we have just started our new history topic about Florence Nightingale. The children have learnt about why we remember this lady and what she did to help others.

RE - we have been learning about the Good News that Jesus came to share with us. we have learnt how the miracles of Jesus help us to see how a sad story can turn into a good story through faith.

ICT - we have been learning about keeping ourselves safe when we are online and the information that we should and shouldn't share with others. Please talk to your child about this at home.

Homework - please ensure your are reading with your child at home and signing their reading records. Mrs Bowdell checks these regularly to ensure the children get their stickers for their bookmarks. Mrs Bowdell is back with us - yippee! Remember - books can now be changed any day of the week. Please work on Number Bonds to 10 with your child to ensure they know these facts by heart.

And finally.....I will be holding a meeting shortly to discuss the importance of the work the children will complete in May and how you can best support your child at home. I will post details of this meeting asap.

Have a lovely weekend.....Mrs Hollinghurst

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst