Year 2 have all worked hard this week and impressed me and Mrs Bowdell, but these are our shinning stars....

Maths - Kayden for his super rapid recall of number bonds in Mental Maths activities

Golden Award - Sienna for being a role model in Year 2 and having a positive attitude towards all aspects of learning.

Writing Award - Georgina for a great piece of writing describing how Abraham and Sarah change over the course of the Bible story.

This week in Year 2 we have been.......

English - planning and then writing our own stories based on stories with familiar settings that we have been reading. We have been 'magpies' and pinched the best bits of the story we have read and changed the ideas to make them our own!

Maths - we have been doubling and halving numbers up to 20 this week using our number frames to help us. We have also been looking at exchanging a 10 stick for 10 ones when trying to halve a number like 14. We need to learn these facts too.

RE - we have been continuing on with our work about Abraham and looking at how he and Sarah change over the course of the Old Testament story.

History - we have been pretending to be Samuel Pepys and writing our own diary entry.

HANDWRITING PARENTS MEETING - I will be holding a short session on handwriting in my classroom straight after school on WEDNESDAY 4TH OCTOBER - just for half an hour to show you how we teach handwriting and the importance of correct pencil grip and starting in the correct position. You are all welcome!

Homework - have a go at handwriting, using the charts I sent home. No need to join letters at this stage - just starting with a tail in and a flick out, starting on the line. MATHS - learning doubles and halves up to 20. Year 2 should know these facts off by heart. Plus, plenty of reading time please.

Have a lovely weekend..... Mrs Hollinghurst


AuthorEmily Hollinghurst