All of Year 2 have worked hard this week, but these are our starts for the week....

Golden Award - Laciee for being a star! Laciee is always ready to listen and positive attitude to learning.

Writing Award - 15.9.17 Lila for a fabulous piece of independent writing

                                22.9.17 - Elliot for a super piece of Science writing about caring for a plant

This week we have been learning....

English - we have continued to look at stories with familiar settings, concentrating on how characters can change over the course of a story. We have used fabulous adjectives to describe our characters, along with starting to look at dialogue and using correct punctuation.

Maths - we have been recapping our number bonds to 10 and looking at how these help us with number bonds to 20 and 100. We have been looking at families of facts so that once we know that 4+6=10 then we know 6+4=10 and 10-6=4 and 10-4=6

Science - we have written about how to care for our plants and how a plant grows from a seed.

RE - we have been learning about Abraham and why he was chosen by God to lead His people. The children wrote some amazing recounts of the story of Abraham being chosen by God.

History - the children examined lots of pictures of the Great Fire of London and tried to imagine what it would have been like to actually experience such an event.

HOMEWORK - Reading, reading and more reading please! Your child will have brought home a personalised spelling list this week with the words they CAN spell from the Common Exception word list (those ticked); please work on the others. Maths - please work on rapid recall of number bonds to 10 and associated facts and counting in 10's to 100. Thank-you.

Have a lovely weekend.......Mrs Hollinghurst



AuthorEmily Hollinghurst