The next two weeks will be a busy time for Year 2. Over the next two weeks we will complete our assessments in Reading and Maths - there are two papers to complete for each subject. We will spread these activities out so that the children do not have too much focused work in one day.

As I mentioned in my last post this is nothing for the children, or you,  to be concerned about at all - in fact they do not know anything about tests and I intend to keep it this way! I would be very grateful if you would play along at home.

The children will work in small groups to complete their work - just like we usually do with our end of term assessments. We will simply be doing our best work to show what we have learnt - just like your wonderful children do everyday. Unfortunately we are unable to help them with these activities, but the children are use to this way of working every now and again, so all will be fine. Please try not to quiz your child too much- I don't want them to think something is going on!

Any questions you have, please ask.


Mrs Hollinghurst and Mrs Bowdell

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst