As you know, May is an important month for Year 2 children across the country. All of our Year 2 children will complete SAT's assessments in Maths and Reading. As a school we have decided NOT to sit the SPAG test, as this is optional. Writing will continued to be assessed by me, rather than the children having to sit a formal test.

The children are completely chilled about all of this - as they don't know! There is no pressure on them at all. I have not, and will not, talk to the children about SAT's. I will adopt the same routine that we have had all year, we are simply doing our best work to show Miss Haggerty what we have learnt. I would be very grateful if you would adopt the same attitude towards these assessments at home. The pressure is on me, not the children!

We have no set timetable for the assessments, as we do not need one. The assessments must be completed during the month of May. The children will work with either me or Mrs Bowdell to complete their tasks in small groups - again just as we have done all year.

All I ask of you is that the children are in school, on time and well rested.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Mrs Hollinghurst

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst