Well, it really has been quite a week at Our Lady's! The children were amazing during our Ofsted inspection on Wednesday - I was really proud of the way they worked and how they behaved. So proud we had a little treat this afternoon....biscuit Friday! So although all of the children have been amazing this week, we these are the children who have really shone....

Golden Award - Nathaniel for being so kind and helpful all week.

Writing award - Nevaeh for using key facts in her non-chronological text about Shipwrecks

Maths - Ivy for demonstrating a great growth mindset towards her subtraction work - Ivy thought she couldn't do it, but by having a go not giving up, she proved to herself that she could succeed.

This week we have been learning....

English - we have planned and then started writing our won non-chronological texts all about Shipwrecks. The children have included a heading, sub-heading, facts and technical vocabulary in their work - they are coming along nicely!

Maths - we have been working on the language of position and direction to give directions and explain the exactly where Teddy was in the room. We have looked at anti-clockwise, clockwise, right angles and the four main compass points.

Science - we learnt about natural and man-made materials.

Geography - we have done some excellent atlas work, locating a country and then find the continent it is in! 

RE - we have talked about Joseph and how he had faith in the angel of the Lord and cared for Mary and baby Jesus. We have also thought about the gifts that we could give to Jesus at Christmas.

HOMEWORK - Nativity related. Please can you help your child to know their lines off by heart by Tuesday - NO SCRIPTS ALLOWED IN PRACTICE NEXT WEEK! Also if you could work on the song words that would be great, all children have been given a song sheet.

Advent Challenge - Don't forget that we are still collecting soft toys for the Lions. All donations can be brought into class. Thank-you to all those who have all ready done this.

And finally.......Good luck to Molly who is having all her hair cut off to donate to charity to make wigs for children suffering with cancer. Both Molly and her mum are having their hair cut tomorrow for this worthy charity...good luck ladies! Molly, we can't wait to see your new hair cut on Monday. We are so proud of you.

Have a lovely weekend....Mrs Hollinghurst


AuthorEmily Hollinghurst