The children have been working hard again this week - but these are the children who have really shone...

Maths - 20.11.17 Lennon for super addition and subtract work

               27.11.17 Kourtney for great subtraction work

Golden Award - Sam for being a super star listener all week and producing some great work.

Writing Award - Jack for a fab piece of writing saying thank-you to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This week we have been working on.....

English - we have started our non-fiction unit on non-chronological texts looking at texts about the sea. We have started looking at the features of this text type and started to plan our own writing.

Maths - we have been working on subtraction this week, which has proved a challenge to many of the children. We have been looking at recognising the subtraction sign, what it means and how to go out our work. We are subtracting the 10's first ( as we remember out Golden Rule of the 1's DO NOT change), then subtract the 1's. PLEASE WORK ON THIS AT HOME, IF YOU HAVE THE TIME.

Science - we were testing materials to see if we could change their shape by using a force - could we twist, push, pull the materials and would their shape change.

Geography - we were continuing our research into the seven continents of the world.

RE - we have written our Advent Promises in preparation for meeting Jesus at Christmas.

ADVENT CHALLENGE - thank-you so much for all the soft toys that have come in for our Advent Challenge to collect toys for the Lions. If you haven't managed to send in a donation yet - please do try.

KS1 NATIVITY - you should have reduced your tickets on Friday for the Nativity on TUESDAY 19th DECEMBER 2pm and 6pm. ALL CHILDREN WILL BE REQUIRED TO ATTEND BOTH PERFORMANCES. Please keep those ticket safe - you will need them to get in!

Please work on learning lines if your child has been given lines to learn and ensure scripts are in school every day for rehearsals. Thank-you.

Homework - during the week please keep up with the reading and practise subtracting a two digit number from a larger two digit number ie 45 - 21 = ( subtract 20, then 1). Ask your child if they can show you a drawing that would help them.


Mrs Hollinghurst


AuthorEmily Hollinghurst