We have had a super week this week, spending lots of time working with Year 1 on our nativity play....only a few days to go now! As we went to watch Reception today perform their beautiful nativity, Fishing For Stars, awards were not given out in assembly. No doubt we will do double next week!

This week as well as working on our nativity we have been learning....

English - we have been working on our non-chronological texts on Shipwrecks. The children have worked very hard on these and they are very nearly finished.

Maths - we have been working on counting in 2's, 5's and 10's using coins, writing repeated addition and multiplication calculations.

RE - we have been continuing our work on the mysteries of God by listening to the story of Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem.

Our main focus this week has been our nativity! Mrs Veasey has done an amazing job with sorting the children's costumes - they are super! All we need the children to do is have their school shoes to wear with their costumes and if they angels have party/ballet/dance style flat shoes the please bring those in for Monday. Please don't buy anything specially, the girls will be fine in their white tights.

Thank-you for all your hard work with helping the children learn their lines and the song words - my narrators are confident and word perfect and I am very proud of them. The singing sounds beautiful. Performances are 2pm and 6pm on Tuesday 19th December - please remember your tickets! I will text on Monday to confirm what time the children need to be back in school on Tuesday night - I would say @5.30pm - certainly no earlier!

Children should come to school in their normal uniform on Tuesday - not their PE kit. There will not be time for PE in the afternoon and I need the children to be in their school shoes! Thanks.

Homework - Reading and revising song words and narrator lines.

Thank-you - have a lovely weekend. Mrs Hollinghurst

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst