All the children have been little stars this week, working hard, but these are the children that have stood out....

Golden Award - Elliot for having a super attitude towards all aspects of learning. Elliot has a real desire to learn which is a delight to see.

Writing Award - Nathaniel for working hard to develop his handwriting. Nathaniel has really improved his letter formation and works hard in handwriting lessons.

Our learning this week...

English - we have been continuing our work on poetry, listening to a range of different poems and then using the features we have discovered to use in our own writing. We have been focusing in on kennings and the children have worked hard to write their own - not as easy as it sounds!

Maths - we have been working on adding and subtracting 1 and 10 from any two digit number. Our GOLDEN RULE for +/- 10 is that our 1's digit always remains the same. We have tried to use this rule to check that we have got the right answer.

Science - we started our new topic about Materials and their Properties. We started by investigating the objects in our classroom, discovering what they are made of and thinking about whether the materials was a good one, or not.

RE - we have been thinking about the Holy Trinity and looking at our God as one God represented in three different forms. This is all part of our Mysteries topic and the great mystery that is the power of God.

Geography - we have been looking at Earth and the wonder of creation. We have been learning about the Earth's rotation and how our planet provides the ideal environment for life.

Homework - reading please and +/- 10 from any two digit number.

And finally......


As part of Year 2's Advent Challenge we are going to collect soft toys on behalf of the Lions who are collecting for children's charities in the run-up to Christmas. This charitable act has been suggested by Ivy and I think it is a lovely suggestion that all the children will be able to help with. We are asking for soft toys that we in good condition that would make an good present for a less fortunate child at Christmas. I hope all the children will be able to support this charity by bring in one soft toy that they are willing to part with - tricky I know! The toys can be brought into class at anytime. Thank-you for your support.

Have a lovely weekend.....Mrs Hollinghurst and Mrs Bowdell

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst