Well back after the half term break - I trust you all had a lovely week. The children have been hard at work all week and have made a great start to the new half term.

No awards given out in assembly today due to Year 6's Remembrance assembly - all awards will be given out on Monday.

Thank-you for your patience and understanding as Year 2 get use to the new way to change their books and complete their quizzes once they have finished their books. The children can now change their book on ANY day of the week, so long as they can show in their reading record that they have finished their old one. Please sign your child's reading record to help with this process. Once the children have all done a few quizzes I will be able to assess the appropriateness of their ZPD number and will change as necessary. I will also send you a login so you can access their account to see how they are getting on.

English - we have started our new topic on Poetry, looking at a range of poems and comparing their features. We are also written a kenning today based on the castle from The Fish Who Could Wish.

Maths - we have been working on ordinal numbers and partitioning numbers into 10's and 1's.

RE - we have started our new topic called Mysteries and we have begun by asking questions about Jesus, Heaven and the world around us. We have a lovely display of questions on our I Wonder board.

Geography - this term we have a Geography focus and will be learning all about our world through the topic Little Blue Planet. We have started this today by assessing what we know already and what we would like to learn through this unit of work.

Homework - Please practice adding/subtracting 1 and 10 onto any given two digit number and discussing what happens to each of the digits. Reading - lots of this - as always!

Have a lovely weekend......Mrs Hollinghurst and Mrs Bowdell


AuthorEmily Hollinghurst