What a day we have day!

Firstly, we came into school this morning to find that Samuel and his Grandad had been into school on Sunday to plant up our garden area and fix our gate. Thank-you so much - the planters look beautiful and it is so kind of you both to give up your own time.

Then this afternoon Eliza's Grandad came into school to show us all a wasp's nest he had found. We learnt such a lot about wasps and how they build their nests - and nests themselves are beautiful and so interesting. Thank-you Mr Coats.

Finally, the children all tasted some seeds as part of our Science topic about plants and the different parts we can eat. I don't think Year 2 believed me when I said we could eat sunflower and pumpkin seeds! Everybody tired something and some of the children even found they liked them!

Take a look at a selection of pictures....

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst