Another busy week in Year 2! The children have all worked really hard again this week, but these are the children who have shone out to me and Mrs Bowdell.....

Maths - Samuel for great listening skills that enabled him to do some great work with number bonds

Golden Award - Adam for a positive attitude towards all aspects of learning and a willingness to learn - a real growth mindset

Writing Award - Eliza for a great build up in her friendship story

I would like to start this week with a big thank-you to all those parents who were able to come into school on Wednesday night for the handwriting session. I hope you found it useful and you feel that you are able to support your child at home.

English - this week the children have completed their friendship stories and then assessed them against their learning criteria. The children then used their purple pens of progress to make their writing better! We have also started the non-fiction aspect of this half term's work and we are looking at the features of Explanation Texts.

Maths - this week we have been using the number bond facts that we know and tried to spot these in an addition ie 23 + 7 = (looking for the number bond to 10 - 3+7, then adding the 20). The children found this a bit tricky at first, but we had cracked it by Friday!

Science - we continued with our Plant topic by looking at the plants that we can eat and which parts we eat - the leaves, stems, roots or seeds. With this in mind I would like to do some seed tasting next week - PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOUR CHILD CANNOT EAT SUNFLOWER/PUMPKIN SEEDS. LET THE OFFICE KNOW BY MONDAY LUNCHTIME.

RE - we have be looking at the story of Moses and what happened to him in his life and what God asked him to do. We have been thinking about what made Moses special in God's eyes.

History - we made our paper Tudor houses and looked at the style/colour of Tudor houses. All this is preparation for making our Tudor houses next week - thanks for all the boxes!!

Homework - reading please, handwriting practice and number bonds to 10, plus doubles to 15.

Have a fab weekend.....Mrs Hollinghurst


AuthorEmily Hollinghurst