Another busy week in Year 2! All children have been super starts this week - Mrs Bowdell and I have been very proud of them all, but these are the children who have really stood out this week...

Maths Award - none awarded on Monday due to author visit - double next week!

Golden Awards - Declan and Jensen for being stars on Maths Day. The boys played Maths games together and were great role models of working together to complete a task. Super Stars!

Writing award - Sienna for a great piece of writing about Daniel and why he has chosen by God.

This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from the author Dan Worsley, which the children loved! Dan, a local lad, told the children all about the process of writing a book, from the idea, the numerous drafts, to the finished product and told the children a story from his latest Incredible Tales. The children loved the experience and I hope those children who bought a book from Dan enjoy their new read at home.

this week we have bee learning....

English -  this week the children have been planning their own explanation texts on the life cycle of a frog and we even started writing the proper versions today. There is so much to remember - introduction, photographs, captions, conjunctions, adverbs of time, technical language...!! The children are working hard and they will be finished next week.

Maths - amazing Maths Day yesterday! The children were fab and had a go at all the challenges they faced - which makes them all successful in my eyes. Thank-you for the wonderful costumes too! In our class work this week we have been working on placing a number on a number line, we have used bead strings to help us with this, and partitioning numbers into tens and ones. We have also been looking at partitioning in various ways, so that 45 = 40+5 and 30+15 and 20 + 25 and 10 + 35. Something to practice at home.

RE - we have learnt about Daniel in the Lions Den this week and how God kept him safe because he was a faithful follower of the Lord.

Science - we have been learning about the fact tat all living things will one day die and looking at things which were alive once, are alive now and things which have never been alive.

History - we will complete our Great Fire of London topic next week.

Next week all the children will complete assessments in Maths and Writing - I will discuss the results of these with you are Parents' Day on Thursday. Please make sure you have made an appointment.

Homework - Reading and Partitioning please. Thank-you

Have a lovely weekend........Mrs Hollinghurst






AuthorEmily Hollinghurst