Well, what a busy week we have had! All the children have been fabulous this week and Mrs Bowdell and I have been so proud of them all. These are our stars for the week....

Maths - Jacob for super spotting of doubles and number bonds in addition calculations. Great Maths work this week Jacob!

Golden Award - Molly for a positive week and a smile of her face! Great to see.

Writing Award - Isabella for a super piece of Science writing about the wasp's nest. Fab diagram and great facts - well done.

This week we have been hard at work.....

English - We have been working on our explanations texts and the fact that they should tell us HOW or WHY something happens. We have looked at the specific language features such as conjunctions, adverbs of time and commas. We have started to write our own piece about the life cycle of frogs.

Maths - This week we have been learning about 2D shapes, discussing vertices, vertical lines of symmetry, regular and irregular shapes. We have also looked at the properties of polygons.

Science - This week was all about the wasp's nest! Thank-you again to Mr Coats.

RE - We have been thinking about why Moses was chosen by God to lead His people.

History - This week it has been all about our Tudor Houses! The children worked together so well and have made Mrs Bowdell and I extremely proud. The team work and support for their peers was super to see. Well Done Year 2! Please take a look at your children's hard work.

Homework - Reading, reading and more reading! Followed by some handwriting practice and keeping up the hard work on number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.

Happy Weekend......Mrs Hollinghurst

Ps.......don't forget Maths Day on Thursday 19th October.....looking forward to seeing the Maths themed outfits!

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst