This week we have all been in the character of the bif FRIENDLY wolf. We have been sick and tired of reading all these fairy tales that portray us as the bad's not true! We are kind and loving and we thought it was about time to tell our side of the story and set the record straight!

Those sneaky little pigs have been saying untrue things about us for years and it was time we spoke out!

We told everyone the real story of the Three Little Pigs, making sure everyone knew how friendly we really are. We knew that Year 1 had been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs so a few of us even went to the Year 1 class to tell them that what they had heard about us was not true.

Here are some pictures of us telling our story to everyone...we used such great expression to really get our point across about those mischievous pigs!

AuthorCatherine Slater