In year 2, we ask the children to use a particular method when adding two 2 digit numbers together. We do this in three steps.

This week the children will be practicing this in class, making sure they show all their working out as they solve 2 digit addition questions. 

I would really appreciate it if you could encourage this method at home with your child. I know there are many different (and some 'easier') ways to do this , however, it is important that the children have a secure understanding of place value, and this method really reinforces that.

I have attached a step-by-step guide, which shows you the method your child will be using in class for two digit addition. We also use this for subtraction, when the units do not go into negative numbers.

As some children find it helpful to use our base ten dienes apparatus to help them visualise the tens and units I have also attached a guide to how we would present our working out if we draw the tens and units, rather than write them as number sentences.

By the end of the year I would hope that most children become less reliant on drawing the tens and units, and are confident enough to write their working as number sentences.2

2 Digit Addition Guide

2 Digit Addition Guide (using base ten dienes apparatus)

AuthorCatherine Slater