I would like to wish you all a happy new year, and I hope you have had a great start to 2015.

We are welcomed back to another exciting term, filled with wonderful learning opportunities for your children. 

This term in Year 2, we will be writing our own riddles in literacy.  We will be writing in a mysterious, exciting style and using wonderful similes and adjectives to describe our own Moshi Monster characters. Will our friends be able to guess which Moshi monster we are describing? We will also be revisiting story writing and we will be writing our own adventure stories, using our imagination to create wonderful stories! We will also be continuously revisiting different word classes and types of sentences, and focusing on the past tense.

In numeracy this term, we  will be dealing with money, finding the correct change and finding total costs, through money word problems. Continuing on from the work we did on 2D shapes, we will be looking at naming and describing the properties of 3D shapes, as well as sorting them using different criteria.

We will also be looking at simple multiplications using arrays, and understanding that multiplication is repeated addition. This will then lead us nicely into covering simple division by grouping, and understanding it is the opposite of multiplication.

In our Geography topic we will be focusing on Mairi Hedderwick's Katie Morag stories and also linking this to our literacy focus (fiction and non-fiction writing). We will be looking at Mairi Hedderwick's ficitional Isle of Struay, where Katie Morag and her family live, and comparing it to where we live-what things are different and what things are similar?

We will also be looking at character descriptions in the Katie Morag stories and writing our own stories, letters and newspaper articles based around Mairi Hedderwick's stories.

In Science we will be looking at materials and their properties. We will be identifying the uses of materials and sorting them using different criteria.

In PE, this term, we will begin with gymnastics. We will be looking at different balances and ways of travelling, creating sequences. We will also be working with the apparatus in the hall to create sequences on different levels. 

I ask that you continue with the support you are providing your child at home, extending their learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Many Thanks, 

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater