Thank-you so much to those parents are ensuring that their children are reading AT LEAST three times a week. This is our minimum expectation - I would love if it every child was reading every night. PLEASE ENSURE YOU SIGN YOUR CHILD'S READING RECORD WHEN THEY READ TO YOU - SOME OF THE CHILDREN ARE INSISTANT THAT THEY HAVE READ, BUT WE ONLY KNOW THAT IF YOU SIGN THEIR RECORDS. THANK-YOU SO MUCH.

As we all know, those children who are avid readers, are also those children who have a wealth of ideas and language at their fingers tips when it comes to their own writing. It is our aim that all children should develop a life-long love of reading; reading for reading's sake and also reading for learning.

Once a week in Guided Reading the children have a Reading for Enjoyment session where they can read what they like - and nobody will ask them to answer questions about it or write about what they have read....they love this session! Reading is fun! Spread the Word!



AuthorEmily Hollinghurst