Just a few quick details about how we are going to organise reading in Year 2.

All Year 2 have tonight, Wednesday, brought home a 'basket book' in a plastic folder which also contains their reading bookmark and their reading record. Please ensure that these folders are kept together and are in school each day in your child's bag. Please sign your child's reading record each night when they read to ensure that they receive a reading sticker. Each time a child reads at home they will receive a sticker on their bookmark and once these are full they will receive a certificate.

The basket books are books that have been chosen with the children and they are appropriate to their reading ability. Hopefully your child will have no difficulties reading their book - we are trying to promote a love of reading and reading for pleasure. Reading is not a pleasure if you stumble over every word. If your child is having real difficulty with their book, please note this in their reading diary.

Books will be changed on Monday's and Thursday's. Please ensure you have signed your child's record to show they have read their book at home - if the record has not been signed, the book will not be changed. The children will need to put their reading folder in the box on these days in order for their book to be changed and for reading stickers to be given out - we will remind them, don't worry!

Guided Reading, the teaching of reading, will be taught in class and each child will have a reading session with me and Mrs Bowdell each week. The books read during this time will be kept in school. This is where the reading skills will be taught and phonics work re-enforced.

Sorry, not a short note after all! Reading really is the key to all learning so I hope you will support both me and Mrs Bowdell by ensuring your child reads regularly at home. A passion for reading is a wonderful thing and my aim for this year is that all children will develop their reading abilities and also their love of reading.

Thank-you for your support

Mrs Hollinghurst



AuthorEmily Hollinghurst