…change your perception of what a miracle is and you will see them all around you. Jon Bon Jovi.

This week we have been learning about some of the miracles of Jesus - but if we open own minds, we can see little miracles happen all around us. See what miracles you can spot this week.

All the children have continued to work had, but these are the puplis we are particularly celebrating this week…

Golden Award -

Writing Award -

Maths Award -

This week we have been learning…

English - as well as our RWI work, we have been learning about singular and plural nouns and when we use s and es

Maths - we have been counting in 2’s and 5’s and looking at the patterns these number create.

Science - with the coming of summer we have been learning all about the features of the season and who to keep ourselves safe in the sun

RE - this week we focused on the Calming of the Storm miracle performed by Jesus

Topic - we continued our work on the Wright brothers and their first flight

Dates for your diary - Wednesday 26th June Shakespeare Festival/Summer Fayre

Friday 5th July - Sports Day (morning)

JUMPER PLEA - Please can I ask you all to check that your child’s jumpers have their name in them. I have at least two un-named jumpers in class that have been their for a week and no-one has claimed them. I will put them in Lost Property if they are not picked up tomorrow. Please checked over the week that your child’s name can be CLEARLY seen in their PE jumpers, as well as normal uniform jumpers. Thank-you

Trainers - if your child has trainers with laces for PE lessons, please make sure your child can tie them themselves. Please help with this matter. Thank-you

Keep up the hard work with reading at home and counting in 2’s to 20 and 5’s to 50 if you can.

Have a lovely weekend….Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst