Phonics screening is now complete! I am so proud of each and every member of Year 1 who worked incredibly hard to show me what they have learnt this year. A big thank-you goes to Mrs Veasey and Mrs Debowska who have kept everything ticking over this week whilst I have been out of class with each child individually. I don’t even think they noticed I wasn’t there! Well done Year 1 - you have made me very proud and shown me what clever little people you are - which I knew anyway!

This week I would like to celebrate the achievements of…..

Golden Award - All of Year 1 for their amazing phonics work!

Writing Award - Joshua for super independent writing on Pentecost

Maths Award -

This week we have been learning…..

English - it has been all about phonic screening! We will be back to normal next week - working in our RWI groups to continue to work on our spelling, phonics and reading.

Maths - this week it has been all about tens and ones and using this knowledge to compare two digit number to find the least or greatest number.

RE - this week has been all about Pentecost and how each one of us is filled with the Holy Spirit which gives us the strength and courage to choose the right path

Science - we have looked at what each living creature needs to stay alive  and what characteristics do they have in common.

Topic - we have started our new History topic all about flight - we started off by learning about the Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville, who invented the first aeroplane. Ask your child how long that first flight lasted!

JUMPERS - can I please ask you all to check this weekend that your child’s name is in their jumpers. many of the children’s jumpers do not have names in them and it takes me and Mrs Veasey a while at the end of each day to find the owners of the un-named jumpers. PLEASE NAME YOUR CHILD’S JUMPERS. Thank-you.

Our prayers are being answered….Amy is making such good progress that she may be able to return to school before the end of the year to see us all. I cannot tell you how happy this makes us all. Year 1 know that their prayers have helped to bring Amy back to us and we have thanked Our Lady for all her help and support. Please keep up the hard work and keep her in your prayers. I will keep you up-dated as I learn more.

Keep up the reading at home - thank-you for all your work with your child to support phonic screening. Your help is much appreciated.

Have a lovely weekend…Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team  

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst