Well, the potatoes are doing well! Take a look at our efforts…

As you can see we had a spell of better weather when we planted our seed potatoes, but they are doing well and hopefully we will be free from frost now!

Thank-you to those parents who we able to join me on Tuesday for the Phonic Screening Meeting. I hope the information pack helped those parents who weren’t able to make it. Any questions, please feel free to pop it. Phonic Screening will take place the week of 10th June and ALL Year 1 children across the country must complete the assessment that week. It consists for 40 words that the children must read, some ‘alien’ or made-up words and other actual words. The children do not need to state which is which, they just have to read the word. The pass score in the previous few years has been 32/40 and the assessment is not timed.

The children have been  hard at work but these are the pupils we are particularly celebrating this week……

Golden Award - Joshua for increased independence in all areas of his school work/life

Writing Award - Elsie for super pre-cursive handwriting and independent writing in RWI

Maths Award -

This week we have been learning….

English - we are working hard on our phonics in RWI and handwriting and spelling in all our written work.

Maths - we have been looking at writing facts families from three numbers in a calculation. So, if we know that 6 + 8 = 14 then we know that 8 + 6 = 14 and 14 -8 = 6 and 14 -6 =8

Science - we have looked at what a plant needs to survive and grow.

Topic - we have looked at the animals of the rainforest and where they like to live.

RE - we have continued with our work on The Resurrection and what we wonder about.

Work at home - if you have chance to work on the sounds that I sent home on the sound sheet with the little rhymes that would be great. Also, keep up the hard work with reading and sounding out unknown words and have a good at the real/alien words I sent home.

Please continue to keep Amy in your prayers and support the race Night on Friday night if you can; funds going towards supporting the family.

Thank-you - have a lovely weekend….Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team

Take a look to our topic work and the amazing role play area created by Mrs Veasey…

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst