A huge thank-you for your donations to CAFOD today - the children have really enjoyed having their teddies with them all day! Take a look….

The children have worked so hard this half term and I have been extremely proud of them and just how far they have progresses. Can’t believe they only have one half term left in Year 1 before they leave me and move into Year 2. Time really does fly.

These are the children we are particularly celebrating this week…

Golden Award - Oscar for super phonics work, helping to read alien and real unknown words

Writing Award - Jacob for an improvement in pre-cursive handwriting and great independent writing in RWI

Just a few things to mention today….

Tomorrow, as a reward for having worked so hard, we will be having a little treat afternoon. As we have been studying the Jungle and Rainforest this half term we are going to watch The Jungle Book (Disney version - U certificate) whilst enjoying a small packet of jungle chocolate biscuits!

We are all looking forward to our holidays - please keep up the hard work with reading and phonics. Don’t forget that we have Phonic Screening the week we return - all children will complete the assessment during the course of that week.

All the children will bring home their sunflower tomorrow to look after at home - some have grown more than others, but please fell free to send in some pictures of them once they have grown a bit more! I am hoping the potatoes will be ok over the holidays.

Happy Holidays Year 1…..you have made me very proud of you this half term with how much you have matured and how hard you have been working. We have become a real little family. Have fun and enjoy the sunshine (fingers crossed!).

Mrs Hollinghurst, Mrs Veasey and Mrs Debowska

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst