This week we have been discussing how the Resurrection of Christ gives us all renewed hope and faith in the Lord - each of us has the chance to start again and live in the Light of the Lord. A message to give us all hope.

The children have all worked very hard this week - but we are particularly celebrating the achievements of….

Golden Award - Bobby for having a positive attitude when things have tricky

Writing Award - Elsie for a super piece of independent RE writing about the Resurrection and why we celebrate at Easter.

Maths Award -

This week we have been learning…

English - we have been back to normal and back to our RWI groups! The children have been working hard on phonics, reading and independent writing. I have also been doing a ‘mock’ phonic screening this week - more about this at the end of the blog.

Maths - we have continued with our theme of subtracting through first of all making 10 and then subtracting the rest of the number. This has proved a challenge, but the children are nearly there and they have worked so hard. Example 15 - 8 = would be done by first doing 15-5 =10 and then 10 - 3 = 7. The 8 has been partitioned/split into a 5 and then 3. have a go at home! Just make sure the ones number in the starter number is less than the subtracting number.

RE - The Resurrection - we have discussed what we celebrate at Easter and why we now see an empty cross. The children have really impressed me with their responses.

Science - we have looked at the parts of a plant and the job that each part plays.

Topic - we have looked at where in the world we find rainforests. We have used the globes to find the equator and then locate the different countries where we find rainforests…..and the fact that the nearer to the equator is the warmer it is, hence our weather!

NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY - I will be holding a parents meeting to discuss the arrangements for the Year 1 Phonics Check, which will be the week of the 10th June. Please attend this meeting, if you can, as I will be going through what the children have to do and how you can support at home. I have been having a practice run with the children this week - although I have not got through all the children yet! MEETING TUESDAY 7TH MAY 2.50-3.20PM IN THE HALL. I will send home information packs, so those parents who are not able to make the meeting will get the info pack on Wednesday 8th. Thank-you.

Work at home - reading, reading, reading! Have a go at a few subtract questions to see if your children can make ten, and then subtract the remainder of the number.

Please continue to keep Amy in your prayers…..and if you can please support the school Race Night (details came home during the week). Proceeds going in support of the Sanderson family. We miss Amy and pray fro her every day in class and will continue to do so until she is returned to us. Godsped sweetheart.

Have a lovely weekend…..Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst