We have been hard at work again this week….the potatoes are growing well in the sunshine and the sunflowers are in! Take a look at our week….

The children have all been hard at work, these are the pupils we are celebrating this week….

Golden Award - Jack for his super clay jungle animal

Writing Award - Hallie for an improvement in her pre-cursive handwriting and great independent sentences

Maths Award -

This week we have been learning….

English - this week we have just had one group completely they usual RWI work with Mrs Vaesey and the other two groups working with me as Mrs Debowska has been supporting Year 6 this week with their SATS! We have been keeping up our phonic work and doing lots of lovely writing…..I have been really impressed with the children’s handwriting and sentence construction. Back to normal next week!

Maths - this week we have been looking at comparison, using the greater than and less than signs and answering addition and subtraction word problems. We have been very busy!

RE - we have been wondering this week. Thinking about the wonderful world created by God, we have been wondering about questions we would like to ask Him. The questions the children came up with were very reflective.

Science - we have been using our green fingers to look after our potatoes and plant our sun flowers. The sunshine has been helping too.

Topic - we have been learning more about the animals that live in the jungle and what they get from their habitat.

Weather - I can ask you to ensure your child comes to school wearing sun cream and brings a hat during this hot weather. They are out for an hour at lunchtime, so do need sun protection. I know it will probably be back to raining next week, but please keep an eye on the forecast. Thanks.

Keep up the hard work with the home reading and sound practise - many of the children have told me that they have been looking at the words I sent home and practising their sounds too! Remember PHONIC SCREENING takes place the week of 10TH JUNE.

As always, I ask for your prayers for Amy - we miss her terribly and pray to Our Lady each day for her safe return to us.

Have a lovely weekend……Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst