We have be trying to show our love to those around us through our actions and not just our words this week. Love is tolerance, understanding and forgiveness. These are all attributes that we wish to find in others, but first we must examine whether they are in us too. Forgiveness is difficult, a daily challenge, but in Year 1 we have been listening to the Word of the Lord and trying to forgive others, as we hope they will forgive us.

Please continue to pray for Amy…..we really feel in loss in Year 1 and we pray to Our Lady everyday for her safe and speedy return to us. We are a little family that is missing one of our own. Godspeed sweetheart.

The children have all worked very hard this week, but these are the people we are chosen to celebrate in particular…

Golden Award - Zak for a super attitude to learning

Writing Award - Jack for super effort in pre-cursive handwriting, keep up the hard work!

Maths Award - awarded on Monday

This week we have been learning…

English - along with our daily RWI work, we have been focusing on handwriting, spelling and capital letters and full stops in our own independent writing.

Maths - we have been working at adding 2 one digit numbers, that cross the 10 barrier. Example 7 + 6 = we have thought about what we need to add to the 7 to make 10 and then adding on the remaining 3. We have used our 10 frames to support this. This enables the children to apply their knowledge/understanding of key number bond facts.

RE - we have continued to think about Palm Sunday and how the people of Jerusalem welcomed Jesus and how we welcome people into our homes. We have also be working hard on our Palm Liturgy, learning all the songs for next week!

Topic - we have continued our focus on Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II, drawing portraits of Victoria and finding which facts relate to which queen.

PALM LITURGY - MONDAY 8TH APRIL 2.30PM IN CHURCH. This has been our main focus this week, we have spent a lot of time preparing, some of it in Church to ensure we are ready to react the events of this special time in the life of Jesus. Please join us if you can.  

PE KITS - can I please draw all parents attention to our school policy which clearly states that jogging bottoms must to plain black - and not labelled brands. Thank-you.

Also, if your child wears trainers with laces then they MUST be able to tie themselves. You would not believe the amount of time we spend on Monday’s and Friday’s re-tying shoe laces! Thank-you with your support on this matter.

Have a lovely weekend…..Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team  

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst