We have a library…..now we are working on the garden! This week we have set off our seed potatoes to chit. The seed potatoes are on the windowsill, basking in the spring sunshine! We are keeping a close eye on them, waiting for them to chit or sprout and then we can plant them! These are first early Charlotte potatoes, so look forward to a small bag of lovely potatoes coming home in the summer term.

The children have worked very hard this week…..but these are the children we are particularly celebrating this week.

Golden Award - Avie for being a beacon of positivity in Year 1. Her lovely smile brightens our day.

Writing Award - Chase for super independent writing

Maths Award - Ruby for great work in addition questions, spotting the key fact used across three questions.

Many congratulations to Charlotte who was our first Golden Ticket winner last week! Who will it be this week?

This week we have been learning…

English - we have been working hard in RWI on spelling, reading, phonics and independent writing. We have also begin assessing the children on the Common Exception words for Year 1, along with phonic assessments before the end of the term.

Maths - this week we have been adding numbers within 20. We have used beads strings, ten frames and number lines to support this work and the children are making good progress. We have continued to look at tens and ones and how many of these are in a two digit number.

RE - his week we have been learning about Palm Sunday and the welcome that Jesus received as he journeyed back to Jerusalem. This will support our Palm Liturgy on MONDAY 8th APRIL - 2.30pm in Church, please join us if you can.

Topic - We have continued to learn more about Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria - this week seeing if we have link a fact to the correct Queen!

Science - in Seasonal Change this week we have been measuring temperature and learning about how the days lengthen at this time of year. Don’t forget the clocks ‘spring forward’ this weekend!

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY - Palm Liturgy MONDAY 8TH APRIL 2.30PM IN CHURCH - please join us if you can

Please can I ask you to keep Amy in your prayers - we continue to talk about her everyday. I know the children miss her, as do we, but we have using all our prayers to send her our love each day. We will continue to do this everyday until she is returned to us. Godspeed.

The children have been thinking hard about what they can do each day to keep their Lent promise - as a class we are currently thinking about kind words and actions. Our actions speak louder than our words so it is essential that we show kindness and not just speak about it. We are thinking about the sort of person we want to be and how we want others to think about us.

Work at home -plenty of reading please, plus looking at common exception words and adding numbers up to 20.

Have a lovely weekend……Mrs Hollinghurst and Year 1 team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst