In Year 1 we are working hard to follow in Jesus’ footsteps during this period of Lent. We are all written a Lent promise we are trying hard to keep. This is helping us in our challenge to be ready to meet Christ at Easter. We are thinking of the extra things we can do to show we are a follower of Jesus, along with spending a couple of minutes on silent prayer each day listening to God. I am proud of how the children are responding to this. We still say a pray to Our Lady each day for Amy and will continue to do so until she is returned to us. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. Thank-you

The children have all worked hard tis week, but these are the ones that we are celebrating….

Golden Award - Amelia for super attitude towards all areas of her work

Writing Award - Max for great independent writing in topic work about Queen Victoria

Maths Award - Zak for super work on two digit numbers.

This week we have been learning…..

English - we have been continuing to work hard on our phonic skills in RWI. We have also been working on the list of Common Exception words in class, making sure we can read, write and use each words correctly. Next week are going to be using these words in our sentences.

Maths - this week we have been looking at two digit numbers to 20. We are learning what each of the digits means and what its value is. Example 15 uses the digits 1 and 5, but the number contains 1 ten and 5 ones so it made up of a 10 and a 5. We are been using ten frames and drawings to help us with this.

RE - we have been thinking about the disciples must have felt when they were chosen by Jesus and asked to leave their homes and follow him. We have been trying to learn the names of the disciples!

Science - we have been examining the weather and writing weather reports! We picked a great week for that!

Topic - in History we have been learning some key facts about Queen Victoria. We have learnt that she was born in 1819, dies in 1901, was married to a man called Albert and they had 9 children! The children have loved learning these facts!

Lovely to see more of the children being awarded with reading certificates this week. Remember to sign your child’s reading record EACH time they read to you so that the children can collect stickers. Reading books are changed MONDAY and THURSDAY.

PE - are days are still Monday and Friday - we just swopped to a Wednesday for one week due to a timetabling change.

PE Kits - please ensure your child is wearing PLAIN black jogging bottoms for school, not ones with stripes or logos please. Also, if your child has trainers with laces, they MUST be able to tie them themselves. Thank-you.

Work at Home - keep up with the reading, handwriting practice and ask your child how many tens or ones there are in a two digit number up to 20.

Have a lovely weekend……Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst