…..as we get ready for the coming of Lent on Wednesday, I will be talking to the children about how they can ‘spring clean’ themselves! This is all about our self preparation and reflection through the period of Lent. With the children I will be talking about ‘spring cleaning’ our minds and getting rid of any of the unkind thoughts or actions we may have. See if you can do a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ too!

All of the children have made a super start to the beginning of the half term, but these are they children we are celebrating this week….

Golden Award - Chase for a super attitude to work and working hard in all subjects this week

Writing Award - Mickey for beautiful pre-cursive handwriting

Maths Award - to be awarded on Monday

This week we have been learning…

English - we have continued with our RWI work, learning new sounds, working on our sentence construction and improving our writing. In class we are working on our common exception words and improving our handwriting.

Maths - this week we have been learning all about 3D shapes, their properties and how the faces are made up of 2D shapes. I have been blown away by the children’s knowledge of 3D shapes at the end of the week…they have remembered some really tricky names and done a great job in explaining the shapes properties.

RE - this week we have started our new topic ‘Follow Me’ and started by learning all about how Jesus asked the fisherman Peter, Andrew, James and John to follow Him. We have talked about what this met to the men and how they might have felt about leaving their families behind.

Science - we started our new topic Seasonal Change and couldn’t have been blessed with a better  week to do it in! We had a lot to talk about and the children were able to go around the school grounds with Mrs Veasey as see seasonal change in action - perfect!

Topic - this half term we will be learning all about Queens Elizabeth II and Victoria and the differences between the two queens and their reigns.

WORLD BOOK DAY 7TH MARCH - all children are asked to come dressed as a BOOK CHARACTER for the day! We have lots of exciting reading challenges planned for the day - I hope you have the costume sorted! The children will bring home a book cover with them tomorrow night to complete over the weekend and return to school by THURSDAY - BOOK DAY. On this book cover we are asking the children to draw a picture of the book character they will be coming as, the name of the character and the BOOK the character is from (parents can help with the writing if you like!) Please colour in the character - these book covers will be put together to make a lovely display in school. Thank-you

Please keep up with the hard work with the home reading - it is the key to your child’s learning.

Mid Term Reports will come home with your child on Friday night - please do not worry at this point of the year if your child is working below expectations - we still have half the school year to go. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s report - please call in to see me next week.

Have a lovely weekend….Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst