This week we have talked about the importance of our good deeds and how we can put others before ourselves. This is a big challenge, but it has been lovely to see the children do kind things for each other just because they can. Kindness spreads kindness.

This week all the children have worked hard, but these are they members of Year 1 we have chosen to celebrate…..

Golden Award - Joshua for following the light of Jesus by using his lovely manners.

Writing Award - Frankie for super Pirate writing today

This week we have been learning….

English - we have continued to work hard in our RWI phonics groups, develop our knowledge of phonics which is supporting our spelling, handwriting and independent writing. We are working hard on our Common Exception words too.

Maths - this week we have looked at comparing numbers and calculations through the use of the greater than, less than and equals signs. We have used our subtraction and addition skills to help us answer calculations and then compare those answers.

RE - the children completed a piece of independent writing to demonstrate what they had learnt about baptism.

Science - this week we investigation absorbency - see the pictures on the last post!

Topic - we looked at the five main oceans and seven continents, naming them and finding them on our maps. We have also looked at key facts for each continent.

DON’T FORGET PIRATE DAY ON FRIDAY - WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING THE CHILDREN’S COSTUMES! I will post pictures of the day on the website - keep an eye out over the week to see the children in action.

POLITE REMINDER - Please can you ensure that if someone else, other yourself , is collecting your child from school at the end of the day that you let the office know or tell a member of Year 1 staff in the morning. Teaching staff are put in a difficult position at the end of the day when another parent asks to take your child with them, when we have not been informed by you. Please ensure you inform us personally, either by speaking to a member of Year 1 staff or by phoning the school office. Thank-you.

Shoe Laces - if your child is wearing trainers for PE with laces, then they must be able to tie them. Mrs Veasey, Mrs Debowska and I spend Monday’s and Friday’s re-tying school laces that the children have un-done and then cannot tie them back up themselves. Thank-you for your help with this matter.

The children have all worked hard over this half term and I know they are shattered. Over the week’s break please  keep up with the children’s reading and let us know if you have had any exciting adventures! Other than that, have a fun week!

World Book Day - 7th March - lots of fun things happening on the day! To help us get into the spirit of things, please can the children come dressed up as their favourite book character for the day.

Looking forward to Pirate Day…watch this space for photos!

Happy weekend and half term……Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst