Saturday 2nd February is Candlemas, which commemorates the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple when he was a baby.  The term "Candlemas" (meaning Candle Mass) refers to the practice of the blessing of candles by the priest during Mass for use during the year in church and in the homes of the faithful. We will go to Mass tomorrow to celebrate this feast day.

The children have all worked hard this week, but these are the children that we are celebrating….

Golden Award -Isabella  for always shining her light for Jesus

Writing Award - Gavin for super effort with improving handwriting

Maths Award - Max for super subtraction work

All awards will be given out on Monday, as we are at Church tomorrow.

This week we have been learning….

English - we have continued to work hard in our RWI groups. The children all making great progress. We are making our way through our Common Exception Words in class and using these to support our handwriting work. Please continue to work on these at home.

Maths - we have been working hard on subtraction this week and looking at number families and related facts. The children have become experts at writing four related facts, two addition and two subtraction, using three digits from a part part whole diagram!

Science - we have continued with our work on Materials, this week making a college using different materials and using expert knowledge to describe their properties.

RE - we are working on the signs and symbols of Baptism and what they mean. The children have draw some beautiful examples of these signs.

Topic - we have examined the five main oceans that would have bee sailed by Pirates! We have used world maps to locate these on our own maps and looked at the continents of the world.

IMPORTANT PIRATE INFORMATION!!! We will be having a class ‘Pirate Day’ on Friday 15th February - the last day of the half term. This will be a day filled with Pirate Activities and will help to draw the children’s learning of this topic together. To help us all get into the spirit of things, I would like the children to come dressed as Pirates! Stripy t-shirts, eye-patches, fake beards, pirates hats…….parrots if you have them!! Please do not  feel you have to go to great expense…..the best costumes are always the home-made ones. So no PE kits that day, just plenty of pirates please. Thank-you for your help with this.

Class update…….Avie is making super progress at home and will be back with us shortly. Avie is planning a little visit to class with her Mummy, which will be lovely as we have missed her.  Amy has been a rather poorly lately, but is recovering at home. Both Avie and Amy still need our prayers though, so please keep both our lovely girls in your thoughts and prayers. May the light of the Lord surround you both and let you know that you are loved and missed.

Keep up with the hard work with your reading, writing, spelling and number bonds.

Date still to come regarding Phonics meeting - will be after half term now as so much going on at school at the moment!

Have a lovely weekend……Mrs Hollinghurst and Year 1 team


AuthorEmily Hollinghurst