We have talked a lot about belonging this week and what it means to belong to God’s family, as well as our own families. Each of us is made in His image and we are all special to God.

All the children have worked hard this week, but these are the children we have chosen to celebrate…..

Golden Award - Ruby for shining her light for Jesus

Writing Award - Lexi Rose for super sentence construction in RWI

Maths Award - Frankie for super work on number bonds

This week we have been learning….

English - we have all been hard at work in our RWI groups reading, writing and working on our phonics skills. In class, we are continuing to work on our pre-cursive handwriting and our Common Exception words. These are the words from the list I gave you at the beginning of the year and are the words that all Year 1 children need to be able to read, spell and use independently in their own writing by the end of the year.

Maths - this week we have been looking at solving word problems using our knowledge of number bonds to 10. We have used number lines, ten frames and part part whole images to support our learning. Ask your child to tell you about these images and how they help to support our learning.

RE - we have talked about belonging and looked at the families we belong to - our own family, our school family and also God’s family. We have discussed what these means and how we can Shine Our Light to show we belong to God through our treatment of others.

Science - we have looked at various items in our classroom and examined them to discover what they made out of. We have looked at the difference between an object and a material.

Topic - we have begun our new topic all about Pirates! We will look at the history of Pirates through our History work, but this week the children started by making their own treasure maps!

Please keep up the hard work at home with reading and handwriting practice. For Maths, ask your child to tell you about number bonds to ten and how the part part whole model helps us to separate numbers.

Trainers - Can I please ask that if your child comes to school in trainers for PE with laces, that they are able to tie them themselves. Mrs Veasey and I are spending an awful lot of time re-tying school laces on Monday’s and Friday’s. Please practice with your child so that they can tie their own shoe laces. Thank-you.

Year 1 news……I was privileged this week to meet the new addition to the McGow family, little Kian is beautiful and Lexi Rose is delighted to be a sister again!

Avie left us on Tuesday to go into hospital for an operation. I spoke to her Mum on Wednesday and Avie is doing really well and was a very brave girl. Please keep Avie in your prayers and we wish her a speedy recovery and hope she will be back with us soon.

Amy has taken delivery of a new puppy this week! Prince Charming Brick is beautiful and will help Amy with her recovery. From the pictures we have seen in class, Amy looks over the moon with the new member of her family! Please continue to pray for Amy and her family - we do each day in class and will do until she is back with us. In this way, the importance of the wider family has been brought home to Year 1 this year in a very obvious way. Our little family is missing two members and we pray to God every day to ask for their safe return to us.

Have a lovey weekend……Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst