The children have all had another great week, but these are the individuals we are celebrating particularly…

Golden Award - Ayson for being a role model in Year 1 - beautiful manners and a positive attitude towards learning.

Writing Award - Amelia for writing numbers as words and doing so in her RWI work

Maths Award - to be awarded on Monday

This week in Year 1 we have been learning…

English -we are working in our RWI groups to develop our phonics, spelling, reading and writing skills. The children are all working hard in these groups.

We are up to ‘o’ in our cursive handwriting plan- please re-enforce with your child the importance of how they hold their pencil, sitting up straight and starting each letter from the line.

Maths - this week we have focused on counting backwards and forwards to 10. Looking at adding and then subtraction one and using the language one more and one less.

RE - we have spoken about how it is everyone’s responsibility to look after God’s wonderful world. We have read the story of Noah’s ark and made our own rainbow paper chain to show God’s promise that He made to the world.

Science - we investigating our senses of sight through observational drawing on conkers and their casings and taste through jelly bean tasting! It was really interesting to listen to the children describing what they could taste - as well as being good fun!

History - we develop our knowledge of timelines by making a timeline of people at different stages of their lives.

Work at home - please keep up with the reading - 3 times a week as a minimum and each day if possible. Please sign your child’s reading record - it is the only record we have of home reading. Plus handwriting practice - if you have time. Thank-you. Maths - counting backwards and forwards and discussing one more and one less.

And finally…..I will be on jury service from 1-12st October. Mrs Gibbons, who has worked in school many times before and actually taught the children when they were in Reception, will be in class, along with Mrs Veasey and Mrs Debowska. I know the children will make Mrs Gibbons feel very welcome and show her what they can do. I have met with Mrs Gibbons to discuss what we are working on and her memory of the children from working with them previously is astounding! There will not be any web postings until I return to school. I will be back in school Monday 15th October and I look forward to discussing your child with you in detail on Friday 19th October at Parents’ Day.

Have a lovely weekend…Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst