WOW…what a busy week we have had! All the children have worked very hard this week, but these are the children we are celebrating particularly…

Golden Award - Charlotte for being a super role model in Year 1

Writing Award - Bobby for excellent pre-cursive handwriting

Maths Award - Isabella for great variation work and counting

This week we have been learning…

English - we are all working very hard on our pre-cursive handwriting. Key things for the children to remember are that all of our letters start from the line; they must hold their pencil between their thumb and first finger (please check if your child is holding their pencil correctly)  and they must form the letter correctly.

We are also continuing with our RWI programme, working on phonics, reading, spelling and writing at a level appropriate to your child.

Maths - this week we have been working on grouping, counting and variation. We have looked at all the ways we can show a number…using figures, words, ten frames, dice, tallies and drawings! We are still investigating the numbers up to 10.

RE - we have thought about the order of the Creation story and what we created by God on the different days of the week. We have also started to think about Adam and Eve and the role they were given by God.

Science - we have been investigating our senses, this week concentrating on touch and sight. The children have thought about the language they can use to describe what they can see…as well as recapping the names for the parts of our bodies.

Topic - we have made a timeline of our lives so far, thinking about key events in our lives such as learning to walk and our first day at school.

Work to try at home - keep up the reading….each day if possible, but definitely three times a week. Handwriting - working on those letters (we are up to the letter l in class). Maths - number bonds to 10, counting objects up to 10 and even grouping their toys! Can your child group their toys depending on their colour, or the type of toys? Might even help with tidying up!!

Letters - thank-you to all those parents who have returned their photo permission forms…once they all come back I will be able to put photos of the children on the website so you can see what we are up to. If you haven’t returned your form, please could you do so asap. Thanks.

And finally….we still have number of children wearing un-named jumpers/cardigans. PLEASE could you ensure your child’s jumpers/cardigans have their name in them over the weekend. The children ALL have the same size jumpers/cardigans on the whole and finding an un-named, lost jumper is very time consuming for us in school. Thanks.

Have a lovely weekend….Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst