Thank-you and welldone to all of the children, family, friends and staff for making sports day such a fun and lovely day! The children were so proud of themselves and so they should be, they worked as a team and all tried their best. Please see Year One - galleries for photos from the day! Our class photographer did a fantastic job and there are lots of in-action photos!

We have continued to learn about Amy Johnson this week and the children are really enjoying finding out more about her and why she is so inspiring. We were very lucky today to have a very special visitor, Mr Hickey, who taught us all about the history of building Blackpool Tower. We saw lots of interesting photos and learned about the stick men who fixed lightbulbs and painted the tower top to bottom!

In Maths we enjoyed weighing ingredients to make fairy cakes and following instructions to measure and find the difference. 


Today we visited the Blessed Sacrament in church, the children were so quiet and still whilst they said their silent prayers and I am very proud of them all. What a lovely way to end the week.

We hope you enjoy your weekend in the sun and look forward to seeing you next week.
Miss Dixon and the Year One Team.

AuthorLeanne Dixon