We had our school trip to Stanley Park on Tuesday with Year 2, the children were fantastic and the teachers are so proud of them all. They were polite, good listeners and most importantly they took part and enjoyed taking risks! We enjoyed orienteering, making dens, nature walks, the low ropes (they weren't that low, may I add!) and the mole hole. Take a look at the Year One - Galleries section for photos from our day.

The children have enjoyed problem solving in Maths this week, working on finding the difference through subtraction. The children have created a good understanding of this and they have enjoyed solving mathematical problems. In RE we learned about when Jesus made the blind man see, the children thought about what they would have said after the miracle and they had some thoughtful ideas.

Here the children are performing part of the poem 'The Sound Collector - Robert McGough'. We have enjoyed learning the poem and the plan is to write our own version of the poem next week!


Sports day is next Thursday 5th July, fingers crossed for the beautiful weather!
Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Dixon and the Year One Team

AuthorLeanne Dixon