Welldone Year One! What an excellent end to the week. I am sure you are all as proud as me, the children told their story so clearly and confidently. A special congratulations to our actors and actresses who brought our story to life. Their writing which has come from this story is superb and the progress the children have made in their writing is outstanding.

This week we have been doing addition and subtraction in Maths. The children really challenged theirself with this which was great to see. We also had a go at word problems where we had to work out whether we should add or take away to find out the answer. Please continue addition and subtraction at home, in particular looking at tens and ones and using them to work out the answer!

In RE we have started our new topic, Miracles. We learned all about when Jesus calmed the storm and the children did some super acting to show what happened. We then drew pictures of the boats in the storm and we added speech bubbles to explain what we thought they would be saying to one another!

Homework (as always) reading, reading and more reading!

Have a lovely long weekend and we will see you on Tuesday.

Miss Dixon and the Year One Team.

AuthorLeanne Dixon