What a lot we have managed to do in our 4 days this week! The children have consolidated their knowledge of reading O'clock and half past on the analogue clock. Most of the children can also write the time in words and read it digitally! Please continue to practice reading the time at home. We had an exciting Maths lesson on Thursday, where the children were detectives looking for the clocks which had been hidden in our Year 1 area, take a look at the pictures!

In RE we thought about what Jesus' Resurrection means for us and the children were very thoughtful in their responses. They produced some lovely writing and detailed pictures to explain their beliefs. We also enjoyed a critical thinking activity where we moved around the tables and explained in writing when we have felt certain emotions, like we expect Doubting Thomas to have felt. The children enjoyed reading others responses and asking each other questions.

*Reading challenge* - Welldone to all of the children who have managed to keep up reading ATLEAST 3 times a week at home. This is the minimum amount we expect and please remember throughout this summer term we are recording the amount children have read in the hope that we will have lots of children who have achieved this every week.

It has come to our attention that children are playing on games on phones/iPads/computers/Xbox which are not suitable for their age. Please ensure the children are on games which are suitable for their age.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Dixon and the Year One Team.

AuthorLeanne Dixon