We have had a fantastic last week of half term. We have started doubling and halving in maths, the children have really enjoyed this and found it fun! All of the children have been working hard to make the right choices so we have had lots of marbles which meant an extra 5 minutes of play today and many house points.  In our PSHE lessons each week the children learn how to play, be kind, look after theirself and help eachother. Maia says 'my friends are very kind in year one'.

This week the children learned about the witches from Macbeth, they made and performed their own spells which were 'quite gruesome and scary' as quoted by Flo and Maisy. They also said they have really enjoyed art. This half term the children have made their own self portraits and then painted them to look like pirates with waterpaints! The children have really enjoyed the pirate topic this half term. It has also helped us learn about materials in science!

We have continued our read write inc, the children are so enthusiastic about reading and writing. We have enjoyed reading books from our library too as a class. Writing is our focus in Year One so the children have taken a diary for their week away from school and a special pencil so they an draw and write about what they have been up to every day! They are very excited so please make sure you take some time out of your busy day to write and draw about what you have been up to and hand it back in on our first day back at school, Tuesday 20th February.

Thank-you for your continued support and we hope you have a lovely week! Fingers crossed for some sunshine!
Here are a few pictures from our week.. including a few from our limited time in the snow!

Miss Dixon and the Year One team.

AuthorLeanne Dixon