This week the children have all been hard at work, but these are the children we are particularly celebrating this week….

Golden Award - Zak for being a real role model in Year 1 and a true gentleman. What a star!

Writing Award - Riley -for his ideas in his RWI writing and improved handwriting. Keep it up!

Maths Award - Avie for great comparison work using the greater than, less than and equals signs. Great work!

This week we have been learning….

English - all children are working hard in their RWI groups and their progress this term will be assessed next week. We are continuing to work hard on our pre-cursive script and I can really see children using this as their handwriting style all the time now! Smashing!

Maths - this week we have looked at comparing answers to calculations and using the greater than/less than/equals sign to show their relationship. We are still talking about part part whole and partitioning numbers. How we can separate numbers is very important.

RE - this week we have been talking about Advent Promises and how we can get ourselves ready to meet Jesus at Christmas. We can get carried away with the festive preparations and forget the very reason why we are doing all of this. This week we have tried to stop and thank God for the gift of His only Son. We have also been learning about the Angel Gabriel’s message to Mary and how Mary was chosen by God to be the Mother of His Son.

Topic - we have been learning about Human and Physical geography of Blackpool and looking for landmarks with mark out our town for people across the world.

NATIVITY - other than all of that we have been working hard with Year 2 on our nativity! The songs are coming on really well and Year 1 are following Year 2’s lead in terms of dances and where they need to be. It is all coming along nicely.

Yesterday you received TWO TICKETS for each performance - please keep these safe and bring them with you to the performance you attend and give them to any grandparents who are attending different performances. The performances are both on TUESDAY 18TH DECEMBER.

Christmas Cards - Thank-you so much to those of you who have donated to our Christmas Card ‘appeal’ for the Sanderson family fund/Christies Hospital. Given what has happened in recent weeks we felt this was a much better use of our money and thank-you, in advance, for your donations. I am sure you will all agree that this is such and worthy cause and one very close to our hearts in Year 1. We continue to pray for Amy daily in class and the children know this is a very important part of our day.

Keep up the daily reading and handwriting writing practice.

Have a lovely weekend……Mrs Hollinghurst and Year 1 team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst