This has been another very busy week in Year 1 and the children have all worked really hard. These are the children that we are celebrating this week.

Golden Award - Ola for being a lovely role model, having a positive attitude to work and a beautiful smile on her face at all times!

Writing Award - Zak for super sentences in RWI

Maths Award - Avie - for great Maths work using the part part whole method

This week have been learning….

English - we have continued with our RWI programme, working on spelling, reading, phonics and writings at the children’s own level. We have also completed our teaching of all of the pre-cursive letters so now the children are being encouraged to use these letters all the time - we are making great progress. Please ensure your child is pinching their pencil between their thumb and first finger when you write at home and ALL lower case letters start on the line.

Maths - we have started to look at the part part whole method this week. This means we have been looking at breaking a number into two PARTS, so the whole might be 7 and it’s PARTS would be 3 and 4 or 5 and 2 or 6 and 1. We have investigated that one number can have my different parts, but they make the same whole. same but different!

RE - we have been remembering this week in preparation for this weekend’s services to remember the fallen. We have all made poppies to make a class wreath and thought about people who were brave enough to sacrifice themselves for the good of us. We have also discussed how we can be peacemakers - a vital skill in all walks of life.

Science - we have worked as partners to organise animals in a decision tree - asking questions about animals and placing them accordingly. This has helped us to look carefully at the features of animals.

Topic - we have looked at Blackpool past and present and what clues we can find to discover whether something is old or new.

Please note the information last week about KS 1’s nativity. Wriggly Nativity will take place on TUESDAY 18th DECEMBER AT 9.30AM AND 2PM. You will be issued with TWO tickets for each performance. More information to follow. THERE WILL NOT BE AN EVENING PERFORMANCE.

Work at home - reading please , at least three times a week - every day would be fabulous. Maths - discuss splitting a number between 1-10 into two parts and what those parts could be. handwriting - ensuring your child is holding their pencil correctly and starting each letter on the line.

Have a lovely weekend…..Mrs Hollinghurst and the Year 1 team

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst