We have really been working hard in year one this week. The children should all be very proud of themselves, they really are beginning to show they are nearly ready to move into year two - it is only one term away!

In maths we have been learning about bar graphs and the children have really got to grips with the scale and working out the difference. In English the children have made their own mini dictionaries, their knowledge of the alphabet and how to order words has really helped.

We have started learning about the rainforest this week, I wonder if your child can remember what the equator is? The rainforests tend to be near to the equator, which is in the middle of the north pole (where Santa lives!) and south pole. We have also been learning about the layers of the rainforest and which animals live in each layer.

Learning logs are due back next Wednesday 3rd April and we will have our spellings test on Friday 5th April.

We hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend, fingers and toes crossed for some sunshine!

Miss Dixon and Mrs Veasey

AuthorLeanne Dixon