On Wednesday we visited Our Lady's Church for Ash Wednesday. The children were great and afterwards we thought about how we could grow closer to God during this time. We have been learning about parables in RE - stories that Jesus used to explain to us how to be more like him and treat each other with respect. 

In maths we have been working on doubling and halving. The children have worked really hard with their learning partners this week even though it was very tricky. We will continue to learn about this next week with a focus on halving. 

Year 1 impressed the school with their performance of 'The Gingerbread Man' on world book day. They were so impressive, the children remembered the whole story and the actions to go with it! Next week the children will adapt the story and write their own version of the story with a couple of new characters of their choice. I have asked them to think about this over the weekend.

Guided reading books are no longer coming home as we will need them more in class. The children are taking basket books home which they should enjoy reading and they should not find them too difficult (basket books are books the children have chosen to take home theirself).

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Dixon and Mrs Veasey

AuthorLeanne Dixon